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Trust your Self, your Instincts and your Intuition | Mentor and Coach Deb Lange
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The world asks more of us everyday. But trying to think our way through an endless sea of choices and requests leaves many of us empty, unfulfilled and stressed. To navigate the murky swirl of modern life we need more than thinking. We need a way to access all of our potential.

Trust your senses is an invitation to the deepest parts of you. A map for learning to listen to your inner body language. When you can hear your whole self, trust your innate sense and embody the wisdom within, you’ll find a new found freedom to be, to love and to live the life you deserve.

Deborah Lange is an Author, Advisor and Master of The Fine Art of Facilitation. She has over 35 years experience working in, advocating for and learning how to engage through embodied experience.

From corporate corridors to the red earth of the outback, buddhist monastery’s to African fire ceremonies, Deb has learned from and lead with some of the world’s most innovative minds.
Deb has designed many openings, and plenaries for conferences to generate engagement, facilitated executive retreats, leadership development, face to face feedback programs, and practised process consultancy to coach both teams and individuals in action.

Deb has an M.Ap.Sc (Hons) in Social Ecology, Degrees in Business and Education, Certificates in Social Artistry, Equine Facilitation and much more. She is also a certified InterPlay facilitator and wherever possible applies InterPlay practices and philosophy in her designs. InterPlay works with the social system and story to help people feel safe to experiment, express, connect and work together creatively.

When we stop trusting ourselves we make choices that are not aligned with our truth.

We end up living in our heads, with ideas and thoughts whirling around leading us to a state of confusion. We become disconnected from ourselves, even though we don't even know it, we just start thinking we are not good enough, we don't know enough or some other lie about ourselves rather than living from our truth.

The Good News! When you connect to yourself, your body, your senses, your intuition there is an ease that you don't get to feel from over thinking everything and relying on others to tell you what to do and who to be.

Trusting your senses creates more ease, peace and freedom. You have less conflict, less tension, less blow ups, less disappointments than you had when you spent most of the time in your head comparing yourself to everyone else. Your whole perspective on life changes when you reconnect with a whole sense of self that you feel deep within your gut. You create different priorities, you let go of having to be right, sense how to create respectful boundaries, know when to stand for justice and when it is best to walk away. You breathe deeper and make choices from a place of creation, not of fight, flight and survival.

I don't tell what you to do. I do show you how to find your own answers, access your own inner belief and trust in yourself so that you sense what is right for your life. By the very nature of being connected to what lights you up, your connection to your truth, guides you to take actions that will achieve your deepest desires.

You won't choose actions that sabotage you, as you will sense they are not right. As a successful Leadership Consultant who accepted the call of the heroine’s journey in mid-life, I know what it is like to have everything, lose it and re-create your life even better than you had imagined.

My clients have won Awards, left jobs and started their own businesses, transformed their marriages or left them; either way, they have been more happy and fulfilled than they ever have been.

We are not walking heads with no bodies.

These are proven processes, to connect mind and body, that work!

Although these processes took me years to develop, I have packaged a year of coaching into videos and ebooks for you to view and download in your own time. This program is one special price of A$495.

You have access to over 36 videos, audios and workbooks.

You receive reminders to check in with how to trust yourself.

For the launch of my new book, "Trust Your Senses" I am offering a special 1:1 mentoring session with me to get started on your program.

With my leading edge methodologies I guide you to sense where and when a Yes is a Yes, and a No is a No.

I want you to succeed.

Embody Your Self - trust your senses and learn an inner body language from the inside out.

Discover My Proven Processes for Being the Best of You.

You have access to the videos and exercises for 12 months.

Do the first exercise and come back to that again and again until the power of sensing what you are creating becomes a habit.

There are 36 short video lessons and a series of downloadable ebooks that help you experience the breakthroughs you deserve. Over the year, it will provide you with tremendous clarity and confidence for trusting yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • To activate an embodied vision and sense how committed you are to taking the action to create your vision.
  • Sense when you are being true to yourself and when you are lying to yourself.
  • The key ingredient to experiencing your happiness and how you can harness your energy to take action.
  • The key ingredients necessary to create a breakthrough that will ultimately lead to dramatic transformation.
  • The ways to quickly sense why you keep getting stuck and what’s holding you back from achieving the things that matter most.
  • How to sense what gives you energy and what takes your energy away.
  • The secret to noticing what motivates you and gives you momentum, from the inside out.
  • How to bounce back when things out of your control give you a shock.
  • Five things to create a more playful life.

You Can Accomplish Big Visions —Even If You’ve Tried and Failed in the Past

  • Anne Verve gained a new income stream within a week just by completing the first Embody Your Vision exercise
  • Vanessa Illagan went from hating being single and blaming herself for relationship breakdowns to loving being single and , dating again and marrying for a second time and begin creating a solid foundation of love and mutual respect with her new husband.
  • Chrissy Brown chose to not leave her husband and found great joy and peace in her life again.
  • Georgia Hartfield developed the courage to leave her job and work with animals
  • Lisa Price met her husband, married and had an overseas trip each year.

This is a journey. Change can occur in a moment and lasting change takes time.

What's the Price?

One special price of $495

If you want to sense your truth, trust yourself and make powerful choices for the vision you want to create for your life, register now by clicking above.

I’m confident this will become one of the most valuable investments you will make in yourself this year, and for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join this new tribe as we collectively re-connect to the ancient wisdom held deep within the roots of our DNA, in every cell of our being. Embody Your Visions - Learn a Body Language from the inside out. Become body wise and free.

There’s a wonderful bit of Chinese wisdom that asks,

“When is the best time to plant a tree?” The answer is “20 years ago" but the next best time is right now. If you’re reading these words,

I am convinced they were meant for you, and our timing is perfect.

What others have said,

"I had a great opportunity of being personally coached by Deb, and with her guidance, my life turned completely 180 degrees! From feeling small to feeling empowered, from not having a voice to knowing WHEN and HOW to speak up greatly improved my relationships - with myself, with my family, with my spouse and with my coworkers, to the point that I rose from being a tired, overworked employee to being hailed as the best in my company to now following my dreams of being a writer and speaker. Be ready to have all the cells in your body and your life be transformed!"

- Van Bradshaw, Author and Speaker at

- Kathleen Naomi Atkins holy moly Deborah - it worked! I went down to the basement and just got crazy, made crazy movements and felt like a kid and laughed! {huh, like acting classes - act like a nut to get rid of your ego}. VEEERRYYY interesting, loving this body work!

- Carolina Flórez I have had shifts without trying to make them

- Margaret Jensen I used to feel a tenseness all over which followed me everywhere! The last few months though have been about softening my heart and feeling that connection between my intuition and heart! Thank you I am softer now. I smile more.

This is the time for embodying your vision and living into it.

This is the time for walking your talk authentically.

This is the time for speaking and being your truth.

This is the time for sensing new ways of being that honor your humanity.

This is the time for creating life and work that brings out your aliveness.

So come and join me and a new tribe of people on the path to their own wise hearted, embodied wisdom.

Let's do this together.

It is the time.

It is the place.

Choose to act now.

With love, play and wisdom

Deb Lange

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Deb Lange
Deb Lange

I am an educator who has worked as a Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and Coach for over 30 years. I have also had time in and out of my business for life changing development, caring for my Mother and Father to honor their wish to die at home.

I love seeing people and organisations thrive in life and work.

Here is a taste of my work


A Chief Scientist asked me to Mentor him and his Unit. He knew they could be more successful if he could understand people and human dynamics in open systems much better. He was a great scientist and an authoritarian, controlling Manger. We were both so proud at the end of the year, when the people in his Unit had self-organised an event to culminate in the year's celebration of the achievements for the year. Not only was there an increase in funding, there were new collaborative projects being undertaken, there were new advances in scientific solutions with cross-specialisation occurring.
All of this was being done newly in a culture of self-organising teams, where people were now collaborating and trusting one another. People were fulfilled and the organization was now a great place to be. This was a very different place than the year before.


Most of the people I Mentor, go on to even greater things ie winning awards and making great acheivements. For example, A General Manager I Mentored, went on and won a Churchill Fellowship for the success of the organization and the organization won National Awards for the contribution to the State.

A young woman went from overwhelm after a relationship break up to loving being single, being ready to date again and she is now happily married. She never thought she would leave a corporate career, but with the clarity and inner freedom she now has she has opened to her latent creativity and is developing her own business.

Provider of Unique Tools for the Future

Imagine a company or an individual who uncovers latent talent, who can harness their capacity for creativity and collaboration. I am like the provider of tools for the future. You create your life and or organisation and I give you the new Intuitive Body Wisdom tools for the world of complex, open systems that require acute perceptive abilities, new ways of sensing and intuiting information and new ways of positioning your expertise.
I see patterns that others don't see, the unseen influences of a complex world and I enable others to see, sense and intuit the unseen. I have worked on unpacking the skills needed for leadership of our complex, self-organising, open world. I help people see, sense and intuit unseen information to make powerful choices to influence and create better lives for themselves and their organisations.

The Problems in the World

There is a huge amount of dis-respect for leaders in organisations, low morale, waste of time and money in cultures that do not embrace how people thrive. At the same time people limit and undervalue their capacity to know the unknowable and see unseen influencers that are at play within their organisations and their lives. There is enormous relationship conflict and lack of self worth and limits to our creativity and intelligence that limits a person's fulfilment in life.

What People Want

Most people want a sense of fulfillment in relationships, life, business and work.

What I Want

I want people to feel good about what they do, how they do it and to be liberated by the way they lead their lives and workplaces.

I want people to expand and open to their capacities.

I want the world to be a better more humane, joyful place to live and work.

What I Do

I speak, mentor, coach, facilitate, design live and online.

My work is unique as it is designed with embodied, experiential processes that are playful, insightful and bring people to life.

I travel anywhere in the world.

Contact me on

Let's talk

To your wisdom


Deb Lange

Course Curriculum

Preparation: Your Conviction - The more you believe in yourself the more courage you have to create what you want in life. Learn how ti find your conviction.
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2: Your Feelings: Are you overwhelmed by your feelings? Have you blocked out what you feel? Both of these limit your freedom and success. Learn to read the messages from your feelings and become more resilient.
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3: Your Inner Crew - Learn how to partner with the voices in your head and get them on your side.
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4: Sabotage: Do you you sabotage yourself? or let others sabotage you? learn to catch yourself before you do.
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4: Your Energy: Find what gives you boundless energy and what takes it away.
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Bonus: Relationships: Learn to be kind to yourself and have empathy with others. Create connection and ease in relationships
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