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90 day Creativity Project

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Are you a perfectionist or a creator?

Perhaps you are creative sometimes but then get blocked and wonder what you are doing?


Perhaps you don't think you are creative at all!

Be Surprised!

People who you see as creative are doing some things that you don't realise!

Like playing, discovering, testing, having a go, again and again and again.

They keep going.

They don't give up.

They look at things upside down,


they make connections with things

that may not seem connected.

And that creates!

And it is fun, fulfilling and freeing!

Discover what you are doing and thinking that is blocking your creativity.

Tap into your expansive source of creativity and be surprised.

Are you trying too hard?
Comparing yourself to others?
Waiting for magic to just happen?

There was a time in my life when I felt blocked, had low energy, felt a malaise even though I was healthy. Now I am lit up with energy, bursting with ideas and have a sense of inner freedom.

My journey to reconnect with my source of creativity took me to places that surprised me!

From doing the work, to playing, to being curious, to making, to being physical, to changing my perception and much more.

We find creative people make more, fail more, and keep going more than others who may be aiming for perfection.

Have you ever heard the story of the pottery teacher who tested 2 different approaches with her classes. The first class she said, "Aim for the perfect pot." The second class she said, "Make as many pots as you can".
Whilst the first class were stressed, got stuck, were careful to not make mistakes and made fewer pots. The anxiety over creating the perfect pot stifled their creativity, some almost paralysed into reducing their ability to create. The second class made many pots and had more successes than the class who strove for perfection. They played, tested, were curious, persistent, light and focused, had fun and every failure led to the next success.

So are you aiming for perfectionism, to be the most creative in your area?

In this program there are videos and workbooks to invite you to untie your knots, get back in flow, play, lighten up, connect with your authenticity and create!

If you are
      • confused, tense and reactive
      • going around in circles
      • in conflict internally or with others
      • wanting to be perfect
      • wanting to get it right

You won't be able to access your creativity. You will have blocked it off with the tension inside.

You can not be creative if you are living in a world of control, objectivity, fear, lack of self-worth, competition, and dis-connect between thought and body. This leads us to feeling tied up in knots!

Today's world is one where...

      • co-operation overrides competition
      • freedom overrides control
      • creativity overrides conformity
      • relationships as peers overrides domination
      • trust overrides fear

Control, conformity, rationale logic does not work where relationships, collaboration, freedom and creativity are required. When you think about it for a moment, all our challenges require us to create a new way of looking at what we are doing, a new way of making something. We all created when we were kids. We are born to play, to be curious and to create.

Don't be a cardboard cut out!

But the more we were told to do something this way, not our way, or we were stopped as we weren't doing it right or as good as the next person, the more we cut off our creativity. We entered the world of comparison, judgement, perfectionism, and failure.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Creative people still have their curiosity, their playfulness, they experiment, everything they do is creative. They do not stop after 3 ideas. They do 1000's! So when you were trying to come up wth a new name for a product or service did you stop at 3 and then pick one? or did you play with a 1000 ideas!

We are all just as creative as the person as we think is creative.

We just have to live our truth, discover the art and science of play and unleash our creative DNA. We have been pretending to live a life that is "credible", looks good, is rational and objective. But, we all knew there was something not quite right. We felt it in our gut!

Science has caught up with what I and many others have "felt" in our gut. Cosmologists also say that all the information we have in the world is approximately 1% of what we can observe consciously. There is an estimated 99% of unseen energy and matter that is influencing us!

Don't be like the scientists who found the lost world of play, creativity and discovery and then walked away. Life is too short!

In our new world, play, discovery, autonomy, freedom, creativity, purpose, belonging, fulfilment and joy are the new currencies.

This is not a wrote learning course where you just have to memorise information. You will learn by:

          • practising the skills and discovering how they work for you as you apply them to projects and relationships in your life
          • making a conscious commitment to notice and take note of things that you previously ignored
          • connecting new information into patterns that create ways of making sense of what you are creating, whether that be relationships at work and at home, or tangible projects
          • with your whole body and all of your senses, movement and imagination
          • uncovering your blind spots, being non-defensive and curious.
          • sharing and being open
          • adapting the skills that I share to make then your own, developing new ways for yourself to access your own wisdom
          • playing, discovering and creating.

You are here as something has resonated with you. You want to develop a profound access to your intuitive capabilities.

It is the time.

It is the place.

Want to know more?


Videos to watch with exercises to practise right there and then.

EJournals to download with daily 10 minute exercises.

Audios to listen to and be guided to your creativity.

The videos are short - between about 3 - 5 minutes, some about 10 minutes.

The guidebooks you can print out and use as journals or create your own blank journal.

Questions to prompt you to discover insights.

Does this resonate?

Want to know more?

Contact me if you would like to speak with me about the program. deborahlange@mac.com

We can have a Skype call so you can have a sense of me and answer all your questions if that helps.

Looking forward to hearing your stories of discovering your creativity.

Deb Lange

Thought Leader

Deb Lange

Deb Lange

Mentor and Guide

Deb Lange is an Author, Mentor, Facilitator, named “The Mother of the Senses”. Through her Fine Art of Facilitation practices over 35 years experience, she enables people to discover new knowledge through their embodied experience. Enabling them to create their lives with newfound grace, freedom & creativity.

From corporate corridors to the red earth of the outback, buddhist monastery’s to African fire ceremonies, Deb has learned from and lead with some of the world’s most innovative minds.

Deb has designed, opened, facilitated workshops at conferences, in house & online to generate high engagement.

In the Corporate world she has facilitated executive retreats, leadership development programs, face to face feedback programs, and coached both teams and individuals on the job.

Deb has an M.Ap.Sc (Hons) in Social Ecology, Degrees in Business and Education, Certificates in Social Artistry, Equine Facilitation and much more. She is also a certified InterPlay facilitator and wherever possible applies InterPlay practices and philosophy in her designs. InterPlay works with the social system and story to help people feel safe to experiment, express, connect and work together creatively.

Examples of her work, Trust Your Senses, The Power of Play, Leadership and Followship, Feedback Flow, can all be implemented for speaking engagements, workshops, Mentoring Programs, online & for an individual's integrated learning journey depending on your needs.

ng and intuiting information and new ways of positioning your expertise.

Deb's work is unique as it is designed with embodied, experiential processes that are playful, insightful and bring people to life.

She travels anywhere in the world.

Let's talk. Contact her on deb@deblange.com.au to talk about specific needs.

To your wisdom


Deborah Lange, Mentor, Author, Speaker



Course Includes

12 Videos

2 Multimedia

14 Texts


12 Disqus


60.0 hrs